The Newtown Bridle Lands Association is a nonprofit volunteer organization formed in 1978 within the town of Newtown, Connecticut. Our goal is to foster an interest in horseback riding as well as preserving, protecting and maintaining riding and hiking trails in the community. Since our land trust was formed in 1988, the NBLA has focused more of its efforts on working with landowners and developers to maintain crucial links in Newtown’s trail system.

The NBLA works with landowners, developers and town land use commissions to raise awareness and preserve existing trails or create new trails. Working with developers, the NBLA has carved new trails, redefined old trails or created links between two adjoining trails. This partnership allows horses, hikers, and houses to peacefully coexist. Defining these “new” trails are legal deeded easements, thus insuring riders and hikers permanent access.

Our ultimate goal is to link open space with existing trails for a town-wide trail system. This can only be accomplished through the support of our members and sponsors.

At the NBLA Annual Meeting on Feb 15, 2022, Abby Nemec, Chair of Equine Studies at Post University, gave this very informative talk about equine nutrition. Watch here and learn why the hind gut is so important and the secret of salt!
Watch Abby Nemec’s Presentation Here!

Video of Annual Frost on the Pumpkin Hunter Pace