Jingle Bell Horse Parade on Dec. 12, 2021

2nd Company Governor’s Horse Guard and Newtown Bridle Lands Association to Hold Jingle Bell Holiday Horse Parade

Date:                  December 12th, 2021

Time:                 11: 00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Location:          Fairfield Hills Campus, Newtown, CT

Two active Newtown-based horse organizations, the Newtown Bridle Lands Association (NBLA), and the Second Company Governor’s Horse Guard (2GHG), have collaborated this holiday season to bring a Jingle Bell Horse Parade to the Fairfield Hills Campus on Sunday, December 12th, 2021. Riders and horses, donned in holiday bells and holiday garb, will start the parade route leaving the 2GHG facility at 11 am, march across Wasserman Way to the Fairfield Hills Campus, where they will lead a parade through the area, making a final stop at the location of the Farmers Market field, Keating Avenue, to greet visitors & sing holiday carols. The food collection is being organized by Friends of Newtown Seniors (FONS) CHORE Services, for the benefit of FAITH Food Pantry. Everyone is invited to come and see the horse parade and bring items for the food drive. Cash donations for CHORE Services will also be gratefully accepted.

If you are  a current member of the NBLA, you are invited to march with us!!

After we return to the 2GHG barracks at 1 PM, there will be a pot luck alcohol free holiday party for NBLA and 2GHG members only. This is a great way to meet the members of another important horse organization in Newtown.

If you would like to participate, here is the important info:

1. Arrive at the Second Company Governor’s Horse Guard property at 4 Wildlife Drive, Newtown. There is a very large parking area for trailers. Dress you and your horse in festive holiday garb and don’t forget the jingle bells! Be ready to ride out at 11 AM promptly. If you don’t have a suitable horse to ride, feel free to march along with us on foot.

2. Bring non-perishable food items and sundries. There will be a collection box at the 2GHG. Here is a list of the most desired items: http://www.newtownfoodpantry.org/donations.html

3. Please RSVP by December 7th letting us know how you will be participating: parade on horseback, parade on foot and/or pot luck party. Email us at newtownhorses@gmail.com. If you plan to come to the party, we’ll send you a sign up sheet for a dish to bring. You do not have to be in the parade to join the party. If you are a current NBLA member, we would love to see you!

4. PARADE FRIENDLY AND WELL BEHAVED HORSES ONLY!! There will be a lot of horses and many people on foot and we want to keep everyone safe. If you stay for the party, your horse must be loaded in your trailer.

We are looking forward to seeing you!