About Us

The NBLA is a nonprofit volunteer organization formed in 1978 by members of the community. The goal was to foster an interest in horseback riding as well as preserving, protecting and maintaining riding and hiking trails within the town of Newtown, Connecticut. Since our land trust was formed in 1988, the NBLA has focused more of it’s efforts on working with landowners and developers to maintain crucial links in Newtown’s trail system. Due to the efforts of our members, the entire town of Newtown has been designated as a Greenway.

Today the NBLA works with landowners, developers and town land use commissions to raise awareness of existing trails and preserve or create new trails. Working with the developers, the NBLA has carved new trails, defined old trails or created links between two adjoining trails. This partnership allows horses, hikers, and houses to coexist peacefully. Defining these “new” trails are legal deeded easements thus ensuring riders and hikers permanent access.

In working with Newtown’s Lands Commission, the NBLA ensures our open space is accessible and usable land to be given as open space rather than rock ledges and swamps.

Our ultimate goal is to link open space with existing trails for a town-wide trail system. Our goal can be accomplished solely through support from our members and sponsors. Become a member today and receive the many benefits that we have to offer.

The NBLA works diligently to keep Newtown and Connecticut horse friendly and trail happy. The Board Members and many general members have participated in various projects in the interest of legislation, land conservation and trail improvements.

Listed here are some accomplishments:
Opened Trail of Angels with the Catherine Voilet Hubbard Foundation with the Trail of Angels Grand Opening in April of 2016. This trail system is open to hikers, dog walkers and horsebackriders.
Annual Hunter Pace since 1978.
Created State Equine Advisory committee with Connecticut Horse Council
Achieved “Designated Greenway” status for the entire town of Newtown
Constructed “David’s Bridge” ~ dedicated to David McCauley, our trail master, enabling horses and pedestrians to continue on the Flintlock Trail and avoid a trappy water crossing.
The NBLA planned trails, cleared trails and worked with the State of CT on the 100 acre Kazan Property in Sandy Hook, allowing NBLA members to use this beautiful property for trail riding and equine events.
The NBLA of Connecticut thanks you for your support!