Meet our Board of Directors!

Tracy Van Buskirk, President and Public Relations
As President, I do my best to fulfill the mission of  the NBLA.  We are lucky to have such a strong group of talented and dedicated Board members. I also write a monthly column called “NBLA Trail Notes” in the Newtown Bee covering topics of interest for the horse lover. I’ve ridden horses since I was young and have lived in Newtown since 1985. I own a sweet bay quarter horse gelding named Little Bear. The NBLA has opened up a whole world of trails to ride and friends to meet.

Andrea Bronson, Vice President
Contact me for email correspondence, P.O Box correspondence, hospitality, and anything to do with Membership. I’ve been on the NBLA board in several positions from Chair woman, Pace Coordinator, to VP, for over 25 years. I have my Spanish Mustang Cinnamon, and Welsh Cob Cross, Magic, at our home, October Hill Farm, where we ride the beautiful local trails.  I am so grateful NBLA was established in 1978 by a future thinking group who saw the importance of protecting trails and open space.  NBLA is the reason we have the abundance of beautiful trails here in Newtown for all to enjoy. 

Lucy Prybylski, Programs
I am a longtime member of NBLA and served as President for 3 years. My husband and I own Happy Trails Farm in Danbury where we offer boarding, training and lessons. I am a Western rider, love cowboy dressage, ranch riding and trail riding as well as obstacle events.

Doreen Chicarello, Secretary

Stephanie Lennon, Trail Master/Maintenance
I have been on the NBLA Board for over ten years.  I am the Trail Master for the organization.  What that means is I am responsible for keeping the trail system here in Newtown maintained and open for horse riders, ideally year round.  I am also responsible for designing the Frost On The Pumpkin Pace route which extends 8-10 miles, depending on the year.  I am always looking for volunteers to thrash around in the woods with me to cut back overgrowth, to make note where fallen trees are,  and to mark the trail for the pace.  Dogs are always welcome!

Renia Marini, Treasurer

Diana Allwein, Board Member

Gordon Johnson, Liaison with Second Company Horse Guard

Judy Huntington, Board Member

Libby Millar, Board Member
I’m a long-time member of the NBLA and joined the Board in early 2020.  I’ve ridden the trails in Newtown for over 30 years, but my 32-year-old mare passed away in 2018. I now primarily enjoy the trails walking the dogs—always on leash, of course!  Preserving open space is important to the character of Newtown, so I am happy to serve.

Rachel Petersen, Board Member

Kimberly Chabot, Board Member
I moved to Newtown nine years ago and reignited my passion for horses by rescuing my Missouri Fox Trotter, Opal, who enjoys a natural horsey life at Happy Trails Farm.  I joined the NBLA four years ago to be part of a like-minded group of horse folk interested in protecting our trails and open spaces, and I am excited to help forward this mission.  I am a western pleasure rider and grateful for the many trail systems we have available to us, the events we can participate in, and this strong community of horse and land- owners that make it all possible.

Patti Norberg, Alternate Board Member – Website
We moved to Newtown seven years ago, allowing us to bring my horse on property.  We now have three horses, three minis, two minipigs, five goats, and two dogs all largely rehomes and rescues.  I maintain the NBLACT website and mailings.  We are lucky to have trail access and directly from our house in this wonderful horse-friendly community.